Services Provided

Medication Management

Our team of physicians are specially trained and certified to prescribe Suboxone for patients meeting the criteria for Opioid Dependence.  By using medication management during the course of treatment, withdrawal symptoms decrease and reduce cravings for opiods.


Each patient will participate in therapy as a component of treatment, our Center utilizes evidenced based treatments.  Midlands Center for Addiction Treatment will provide individual/group/family therapy and phone coaching for each patient on a monthly basis as part of treatment.  Services provided will address the following targeted behaviors that impede effectiveness:  life-threatening behaviors, therapy interfering behaviors and quality of life interfering behaviors.  By addressing these targets throughout treatment, we will assist our patients in increasing their level of effectiveness and improving the quality of their lives that have been impacted by their addiction.

 Drug testing

Random drug testing is performed throughout the course of treatment to ensure compliance with medications and abstinence from illicit substances.

 After-care treatment

After successful completion of treatment, after-care counseling will be made available free of charge for our patients up to one year to ensure they continue success in their efforts to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

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